Cold Air Inductions

Being the first product line carried by Dragons Performance. We felt compelled to launch our company with a line so incredible that it would be second to none.

With the above in mind, we knew we had to carry COLD AIR INDUCTIONS High Performance Cold Air In Take products.



Designed and Made in the USA to ISO 5011 Certified levels of production; the entire CAI line is truly built to add extra power to your high performance vehicle.

Cold Air Inductions filters are built to extremely high standards, they design and engineered a filter that
has key features that allow it to out perform any other filter on the market.
Here are just a few of the key design features that allow there filters to maximize your vehicle performance.



  • 8 layer interwoven cotton filter (industry standard is 4-6 layers)


  • Large radius base with a engineered tube stop gives air flow a smooth transition and reduces turbulence (this will allow for more accurate MAF readings which stabilize fuel trims to increase horsepower and torque)


  • Specially engineered velocity stack radius from pleat to filter base which increases air flow and eliminates turbulence


  • Filter ability to trap particles down to 5 microns


  • Aircraft quality clamps


  • Lifetime oil filter which can be recharged with a CAI Inc. recharge kit




For more information on there complete line of Filters and Air Intake Systems contact us directly.

High Performance "Realized"